Posted by: will | January 6, 2006


Lack “Be There Pulse” (Undergroove)

I find it absolutely incredible that Be There Pulse failed to get picked up for release in the US. I understand the reluctance of smaller punk/indie labels in picking up a foreign band that in all likelihood won’t even tour the US but this album is just so damn good. Echoeing the ghosts of the DC scene and bands like Refused and Frodus, this record is the sound of a band fully realizing their potential. Lack have reinvented themselves very similar to how Frodus did so on their last album, And We Washed Our Weapons In The Sea. The growth that Frodus showed on that last album compared to their past discography was astounding. The same can be said about Lack. On Lack’s debut album Blues Moderne: Danois Explosifs the band was solid but simply did not do enough to make themselves stand out from the sea of other bands in their genre. On Be There Pulse Lack have slowed the tempos and become more precise, more intricate and definitely more calculating. Lack seem to have known exactly what they were going for on this album and they nailed it. It’s exciting to hear a band come out of this genre that is trying something new and not resisting growth. The tempos may have slowed but the sound has become even more intense.

RIYL: Refused, Frodus, Fugazi 


Lack – 5 O’Clock In The Evening (mp3)

Lack – Primo Levi (mp3)


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