Posted by: will | January 4, 2006

Troubled Hubble…


Troubled Hubble “Making Beds In A Burning House” (Lookout)

Do you miss The Dismemberment Plan? If you are anything like me then your answer will be a resounding “hell yes!”. There is no way when listening to this album that you can deny The Plan’s influence upon Troubled Hubble. And if that wasn’t enough, the album is actually produced by Jason Caddell who played guitar and keyboard for The Plan. However, if you are writing Troubled Hubble off as just another Dismemberment Plan cover band there really could be nothing farther from the truth.

Where the Dismemberment Plan’s last two albums seemed to have some real emotional baggage, Troubled Hubble tend to rise above that for the most part. That’s not to say that Troubled Hubble don’t feel the pain of life casue they most certainly do. They just choose to put a positive spin on that pain with lines like It’s a great time to be alive and alone that have a tendency to stick with you long after your last listen. This album brims with life and all that may encompass. The good, the bad, the pain, the joy…it’s all here in Troubled Hubble’s songs. Lead singer Chris Otepka, whose vocals bring to mind John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats and John Vanderslice at times, drops more than a few lyrical gems throughout the record. Any fan of the aformentioned artists should find something to love on Making Beds In A Burning House as well. Sadly, Troubled Hubble called it quits earlier this year. It’s a shame really as this album easily ranks as one of the best of the year.

RIYL: The Dismemberment Plan, REM, John Vanderslice

Listen: Troubled Hubble – Ear, Nose and Throat (mp3)



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