Posted by: will | January 3, 2006

Wolf Parade…


Wolf Parade “Apologies To The Queen Mary” (Sub Pop)

Hype’s a bitch. Wolf Parade have had to endure a shitload of it this year. The hype wasn’t as annoying as the Arcade Fire hype was last year, but you get my point. The band was discovered by Isaac Brock and he actually produced much of this album. Couple that with being on Sub Pop and the hype machine already had sufficient amunition. Wolf Parade’s debut album is one of those rare few that doesn’t necessarily live up to the ridiculous hype, but does not even come close to embarassing itself either.

Aplogies To The Queen Mary is led by the dynamic vocal duo of Dan Boeckner and Spencer King. Having two vocalists is a distinctive quality for any band. It’s a quality that Wolf Parade seem to recognize and take advantage of as Boeckner takes lead vocals on most of the even numbered tracks and King handles the odd numbered ones. I see Wolf Parade through the same lens that I view a band like the Constantines. It’s a band that does not seem to be trying to make some grand artistic statement. They just seem happy to be playing earnest rock and roll as their art. As with the Constantines, Wolf Parade put forth some clever lyrical gems. On “This Hearts On Fire”, Boeckner says Sometimes we rock and roll/Sometimes we stay at home/And it’s just fine. That’s my new theme. So, everybody go ahead and go out…I’ll be fine staying in with Wolf Parade tonight.

RIYL: Frog Eyes, Constantines, Arcade Fire


Wolf Parade – Shine A Light (mp3)

Wolf Parade – You Are A Runner And I Am My Father’s Son (mp3)


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