Posted by: will | January 3, 2006

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals…

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals "Jacksonville City Nights" (Lost Highway)

Ryan Adams gets a lot of grief from people. The thing that gets me about Mr. Adams though is that he seems genuinely bothered by the ribbing he gets. It astounds me that he doesn't even seem to realize that he brings it all upon himself. The man obviously thinks a lot of himself and wouldn't know what creative control was even if it clobbered itself over his head. The man should be thankful that he still has a fanbase considering what he puts his fans through with all his albums and genre-jumping.

With that said, Jacksonville City Nights is a return to form. Recalling the ghosts of his former band, Whiskeytown, and his wonderful debut album, Heartbreaker, Jacksonville City Nights is simply a country album. Adams finally seems to fullfill the promise that Heartbreaker brought to the table. The question now is if the songs are still genuine. Is Adams returning to his country roots because he's failed at breaking free from the genre or does he really feel it in his bones? I guess that is for the listener to try and figure out. I, for one, believe it and wish he would just stay in this genre that he so obviously (to me at least) creates his most rewarding music within. However, that would be selfish of me and if Mr. Adams feels the need to keep releasing three albums a year then more power to him. I have a feeling that I, along with most of his fans, will continue wading through the average stuff to get to the good stuff.

RIYL: Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, Jeff Buckley



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