Posted by: will | December 24, 2005



Latterman “No Matter Where We Go..!” (Deep Elm)

Simply put, this band restored my faith in the power of punk rock in 2005. I had the honor and privilege of being one of the first few in hearing this album as it was being made. To find four individuals so devoted to their music and ideals in this day in age of music industry bullshit was refreshing to no end. This band believes in what they have to say and what they have to say is important. Speaking out against the state of punk rock and all its faults is not an easy thing to do. To do it in a manner that is so damn catchy and addicting is astounding. Latterman play positive melodic pop punk/hardcore that sounds so simple but means so much. If you love bands like Dillinger Four, Hot Water Music or Against Me! this IS your new favorite band. Go see them live! Do anything you can to support these guys! They mean the world to me and they should mean the world to you!

RIYL: Dillinger Four, Hot Water Music, Against Me!

Listen: Latterman – Fear And Loathing On Long Island (mp3)


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