Posted by: will | December 23, 2005



Sinaloa “Footprints On Floorboards” (Waking)

So, “Footprints On Floorboards” is the follow up to Sinaloa’s excellent first album “Fathers And Sons”. That album was one that continuously grew on me till I found myself reaching for it extinctively at times. It was also an album that seemed to pull me back into this type of music which I had definitely strayed from a great deal. This is emo the way it was meant to be done…with passion, sincerity and of course, emotion. Sinaloa is obviously influenced by some of the godfathers of emo like Saetia, but you can also hear similarities with recent and current bands such as Vida Blue/Ten Grand, The Pine and The South.

Sinaloa gets it done with the singy/screamy vocal style that so many emo bands seem to have done to death. With these guys though, it just feels right. They have such a command of what they want to do. The songs flow effortlessly in and out till the album comes to an almost hypnotizing end with the great track “With Our Ears To The Soil”. Reading the lyrics along with a little paragraph or so of what each song meant to the band makes me love this album even more. I can truly identify with what these guys are singing and how these guys feel and that makes the listening experience that much greater.

And to prove that Sinaloa have their hearts and minds in the right place any profit from the sale of “Footprints On Floorboards” will be donated to the Sheila Brodie Zetlan Breast Cancer Foundation. All this adds up to a truly inspiring work of art by a great band at the top of their game.


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