Posted by: will | December 19, 2005

Desert City Soundtrack…


Desert City Soundtrack “Perfect Addiction” (Deep Elm)

While Desert City Soundtrack’s first full length album, Funeral Car, truly overwhelmed the senses at times, their second full length album Perfect Addiction seems to go in the opposite direction. Perfect Addiction does not underwhelm, but just bleeds below the surface and offers the restraint that Funeral Car frankly did not. This is not a bad trait mind you as the Desert City Soundtrack seems perfectly capable of dragging you to the same depths of depression and despair no matter what musical road the band decides to travel.

So, the screaming is mostly left behind and you have perhaps a more mature Desert City Soundtrack on Perfect Addiction. You can definitely make a case that these songs seem to have a more cohesive and defined sound then the controlled chaos of the band’s older catalog. I am always drawn to bands that expand and move past their original sound to something more. Desert City Soundtrack has done an outstanding job of that on Perfect Addiction. This is the perfect autumn crossing into winter soundtrack. It’s dark and moody and just fits that time of year to a tee. For influences and similar sounds I’ll still stick with bands like Three Mile Pilot, The Black Heart Procession and even Murder By Death. You can probably leave your early 90’s screamo references at home for this one though.

RIYL: The Black Heart Procession, Murder By Death, Three Mile Pilot

Listen: Desert City Soundtrack – Let’s Throw Knives (mp3)


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